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When did they start wearing the flapper hat? When did they become so famous?

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Sweden’s biggest employer said it will not hire or retain new hires from the European Union, in a sign of its growing unease about immigration, as it seeks a soft landing in the global economy.

FILE PHOTO: Staffers at the Department of Internal Affairs (DSI) hold a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, September 17, 2002. REUTERS/John Soberg/File Photo

Skatteviken, which has 3.2 million employees, made its move in an interview with newspaper Dagens Nyheter in which the company’s chairman said it had taken up the issue of foreign-born staff because they were becoming important to the Swedish economy.

“That will be the way a lot of other companies will act and I think they will be a lot successful,” Erik Skatteviken told Dagens Nyheter.

“But it gives us an opportunity to say that this is not acceptable to the majority of the workforce,” he said.

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The employment association’s comments on Monday follow a series of government announcements that have prompted fears of job losses in Sweden and abroad, especially from central and eastern Europe.

In particular, the government has promised to cut immigration levels to less than 100,000 a year – from current levels of 250,000 people.

Swedish firms have been grappling over how far they should move towards a model closer to those of Britain, Germany and other EU countries as the influx has brought uncertainty and concerns about economic growth.


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