Did flappers wear boas? – Flapper Dress Elegant

What do I wear if I come from a boating family?

What are the basics for a flapper’s outfit? And what do they eat?

Do flappers love to swim?

Do I even need to learn how to swim?

How do I wear a long dress and heels?

How do I wear a dress? & How do I do that!

What are the best flapper outfits?

How to wear a blue skirt and a white blouse?

Do boats have sails or do they float?

How do I make the best pair of sneakers?

What are ‘a skirt’ and how do I make one?

Where will I be when I come aboard ? Are there life jackets with us?

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What is a swim costume for?

How to choose a flapper outfit

Do I need to know how to swim?

How will you find me? What are my duties? And what about when I land? I’m an adult so no need to get seasick!

How to fit a dress

What type of boat do I want to get on?

How do I dress so no one knows my identity?

Do I need a boat?

Can you make a good boat without a boat (i.e. float an inner tube)?

I want to stay on a plane – what do I need?

How will I find my way to my destination? And when do I land?

How fast do boats move?

How long will it take to get where I want to get to?

What will be expected of me – will I be in uniform? What am I there for? I am an adult!

What do they look like?

Where will I be when I get on the boat? Will my name be on the registration? And I don’t care!

Will I get in a car? I have a car!

Do boats sink? What about planes?

How old are you?

Where do I leave the boat?

When should I head for the airport?

What kinds of cars do you recommend? What should I buy for the road to the airport?

Where do I have to park? What are all the hotels in the area?

Do they drive?

Do they drive for a fee? Or have you

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