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It’s true! If you want to feel cool in the air, this hat will help you do just that.

What is an afghan?

An afghan is a kind of woven fabric made into a shape. In the 1950’s, the fabric was made up to a certain degree—a larger than normal piece that was knit with long stripes of yarn—and would be folded in half and tied up neatly, as an afghan sweater.

As technology grew, new fabrics could be made and made small to make little bags, then tied and sewn into the hat shape. The style was named after George Washington the Great.

How do I wear this hat without a sweater?

The way to wear an afghan without a sweater is to start with a medium to large hat—you can either wear the hat with the shirt the same as the shirt (the afghan sweater) or you can wear the hat with your sweater (the afghan sweater).

What are the different kinds of afghans?

There are three basic kinds of afghans:

Inkafghan. Inked design that’s not made completely by the wearer (also called a drawing hat!).

Strawhat. Straw hat in the shape of a bird, made of wool.

Bowler hat. A head-shaped hat worn with a hat.

The main difference is the amount of yarn required: a lighter yarn makes a little lighter head-like design around the top, and a heavier yarn makes a bigger more round hat shape.

Are there any materials used for the hat (what kind, for example)?

We used cotton and acrylic yarn, and made this hat from a combination of 100% cotton and 100% acrylic, and a wool hat cover and a cotton cover.

Can you use multiple colors or patterns in one hat?

Yes! You can make more than one hat in the same size. We chose to make the hat in black for these reasons:

Black allows us to combine patterns in one colour or pattern into one hat.

Black is a common colour for people of African descent.

What’s the pattern?

The original pattern was made by Robert and Linda Tilden which originally was called “the Red Feathers Pattern.” It featured a large, colorful, flat white hat design with lots of small dots and stripes around the brim and sides.

We went through several other

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