Did flappers wear long gloves? – Flapper Dresses Short

Not in our view [laughs].

Do you ever look at your own photo and think of yourself as a flapper?

[Laughs gently]. Of course I do. Even if I’m wearing white trousers and a white shirt with a bright red corset. I also love making myself up with a wig and a leather jacket, a wig, a big, long, red dress… I can almost feel myself.

Does having that long wig give you a greater air of elegance and elegance-ness?

Absolutely. It has to do with this idea that all fashion shows and all fashion are different, but there’s an element of the truth in there [laughs]. At the last one I was wearing a wig, but I think that is a part of what I am in this moment.

What’s it like being an actor?

Being an actor is just an extraordinary role. That’s why I’m still so active – to participate in every aspect, no matter how small or big. I’m so grateful for being able to contribute to whatever I can, whether it is making films, writing plays, writing music, singing, dancing and so much more besides.

Can you tell us more about your new musical [Waves], which is a collaboration with The Cure.

The Cure is an iconic, iconic musical film, and we knew immediately we wanted to collaborate with them and create a new musical that is very different from what we’ve done before. I think that’s why the idea was so exciting to us.

And what about that song that we heard from The Cure that was very reminiscent of Flappers?

[Laughs gently] If you know anything about The Cure, there’s this great song called ‘Ridin’.

Can you tell us any more about the musical and when you can expect to see the film?

I just had a rehearsal at the Royal Shakespeare Company tonight [July 17]. It’s very beautiful. We’re very pleased with what we’re doing. It’s the third production I’ve done so far as an actor, and we’re really enjoying ourselves all over again. The whole thing is very different. It’s not that I’ve always thought of the whole thing as a ‘Cultural Heritage’ production. I think it’s been more about trying to bring together some characters to help tell the story.

What is the musical like with some of the actors from the current season of The X-Files?
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