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Well, we had a little trouble figuring out what made a flapper tick. They all had tights. But the question we couldn’t answer was how did they get their tights so tight? Flappers wore tights. But they had a lot of tights, probably a lot of different kinds of tights, made by multiple companies. If you were trying to trace the source of an American fashion brand, these could be the very first companies to come up with a tights tat that fit you. In the book, I discuss a couple of other brands made by the same company, but I never found definitive answers for that question.

Can you be in your pants all the time?
1920s Style Black Beaded Mesh Fringe Flapper – Unique Vintage

You will have to find out. Flappers can be pretty active in the summertime, they tend to be dressed in lots of bright colors, and can be seen in almost any weather. If you put your foot out on the beach for a while, you will definitely have occasion to remove your pants and slip them off after a swim. The only time you don’t want to wear your pants off is for your dinner and it’s hot out there. But after dinner, you will be fine as any other day.

How big are flappers? And are these women “slim” or “skinny”?

Flappers are typically very short, but I do meet women like that. I don’t think they are skinny. My friends that are skinny, they are pretty much in their late 40s and there is definitely a body type that can be found on that particular runway. My guess will always be that a skinny flapper will never be the hottest thing around.

Is it true that you have a flapper friend? Did he or she do anything to make you feel more comfortable at work?

I have no one. If I didn’t have my flapper friend, I wouldn’t feel comfortable working today. I wouldn’t be confident in this industry, and I wouldn’t be happy with my job. But that is not to say my friend was making me into a better person. I know it wasn’t for him, and I know it’s not a coincidence. He wasn’t even really in the running to win this thing, and he was very important to me to keep me focused. And I owe him as much as you can get in the world.

Do you feel your work helps spread the message about feminism?

I think a lot of

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