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The flappers of the 20th century were a little different. When these little girls would show up, it was generally girls in their mid to late teens who would wear long, tight dresses. Girls, and even older women, still wore tights.

What kind of clothing was popular in the 1920’s? What kind of clothing was popular then?

The most popular clothing of the 1920s was often, but not always, cotton shirts, worn with slacks or shorts and a little ankle-length lace-up boots. These clothes would give a woman a little more of a sartorial balance and wouldn’t be as likely to appear as a piece of sartorial chintzy clothing.

What kind of shoes was popular in the 1920’s?

Most of the women in the 1920’s wore flats with heel heights that were much smaller than today. The women’s shoe of the day was not only very durable, it was also very supportive. Most flats and slippers were made of rubber, so they were very durable and lightweight. The most common of these shoes would come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the most popular would be the double arch. A double arch would look most like a pair of slippers, however, instead of the toe coming out and then meeting up with the heel of one shoe, the sole of your foot was covered in a thick leather boot that was attached to the shoe. These boots were called booties; they were very stylish and most, if not all, men in the 1920’s wore them as part of their daily attire!

Where did the term “flamboyant” come from?

The word romantic originated in France in the 19th century in reference to things to be admired and not a person. It then spread to England and made its way to the United States in the late 19th century and then to the rest of the world around 1900. After World War II, the French came up with the term “flamboyant” in the United States to describe the flapper style of dress.

The term “happily ever after,” also known as “happy family,” “family values,” “loving family,” “families together,” or simply “family,” first appeared in the English language in 1915.

What did the “tough love model” or the “heart” of the 1950’s teach us?

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