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Here’s one answer: with a guitar.

Folk musicians are typically called musicians of the guitar. They typically play both jazz and rock. Most fokkens or guitarists have had at least one major label and at least one independent record deal.

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So you’ve got both of those important things figured out.

So let’s figure out if a fokken can play rock. One of the most important traits of a great rock guitarist is the ability to play chord progressions. Fokkens will take their time learning this, but once they’re there, they learn it like a pro, and they tend to go to the extreme of trying pretty much anything.

There are exceptions to every rule except the one you just said. Most classical guitarists use single-note or semi-single notes rather than chord progressions. Fokkens have had major record deals of their own, but they still try to explore chord progressions and can sometimes sound too hard to live up to the expectations of the record labels.

This is a personal bias, of course, and by no means the only one. But it is still very important if you want a successful musical career in rock. Fokkens and licks, or chords and licks, are essential tools for the musician who wants to make it big, and they help the student to learn more about chord progressions in general.

Rock guitarists sometimes play over three notes, sometimes just one. Usually that’s how the songs go, but as the recording artists become more complex, they have also learned to work with chord changes and chord parts over one, or sometimes two, notes. And when they do this — and they have to — they can sound very different from one another. So some fokkens sound like they’re playing two chords at once; others sound less like they’re playing three notes at once.

So as you listen to recordings from your favorite rock bands, you should ask, “What do they sound like in a chord progression?”

When you’re watching a live performance of an old fokken, try listening to a version of a chord progression that you’ve never heard before. Listen to when they bring in some major or minor chords. How do they arrange it? How do they mix it up? How do they arrange it? How can you find that out?

What chord changes and chord parts sound the best to your ears? Then listen to them again when the band uses a chord

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