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In some ways, it was the freedom to take what was right in the eyes of the world. They could, and did act like it. At the same time, their freedom seemed more a question of individual choice and freedom of action. The flapper was not limited by a particular set of customs or rules imposed by society or the religious leaders. She could walk into the street and be an individual. She could choose her place of abode and clothing, walk out without being recognized, and even marry whoever she liked. She could buy and sell, travel and live by her own rules and her own judgment.

Flapping at an Art Fair

Before the 1970s, flappers were primarily seen as sex symbols. A young woman clad in provocative clothing or a bright colored dress would sit in a circle holding a sign of her hand, holding a feather on her left shoulder and the feather on her right shoulder. She was considered to be very expressive because she could flutter her hands as if about to throw it or flutter down on her head. Although some girls were born with a flair for showing off her bare breasts and buttocks, flappers in general were seen as being more modest or modest, less sexual in their behavior, more interested in education than in sex, and interested in self-improvement. A “proud flapper,” someone who was proud to be a flapper, was not a sex symbol but was attractive, well-mannered, and a person who understood the importance of education and self-improvement.

The 1960s saw a surge in the popularity of the flapper. During this year, the flapper became a fashion statement by women, and many flappers and the youth in their circle were drawn to the burgeoning New Left group, the Black Panthers. Also, the flapper gained political power as the woman wearing the most revealing clothing could make a statement about her support for the Democratic nominee of the day. These changes were due, in large part, to the success the movement had in spreading its message. Women’s groups in particular were able to create their own clothing and make their own styles with this new freedom. The result was fashion trends that became more like the flapped dress than like a traditional woman’s nightgown or a simple jacket.

The 1970s brought an end to the 1970s. The style came back to the flapper with the advent of punk that brought forth flappers and other modern trends in the 70s that were more appropriate to today’s times

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