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Skyrim Special Edition (or “Skyrim Special Edition”) is an update to the original “SotA” which introduces several new features and gameplay updates. In addition to Skyrim’s main overhaul of the city and architecture, it gives you the opportunity to travel through the province’s forests, deserts, and mountains. On top of these overhauls, Special Edition also provides a vast number of items, enemies, companions, races, and spells through which you can customize, modify and even create your own adventures, all with the game and its user interface intact. Special Edition includes the following:

As previously announced, this edition is the final one, and is slated for its release in early 2013.

Downloadable Content [ edit ]

See Category:Skyrim Special Edition to see which content is included in this edition.

This version of the game comes with three new DLC packs; All Roads (for all of Tamriel, not just Skyrim), Falskaar DLC, and a DLC expansion called Dawnstar by Obsidian Entertainment called Dark Brotherhood Resurrection (a remake of the original Dark Brotherhood, for those who may have missed it).

As with previous releases of the Dragonborn DLC, the DLC packs have been divided into two “packs,” one for each DLC pack. All Roads contains the original, “Skyrim Redone”; Dawnstar focuses on the “Dawnguard” DLC.

As of 4 February 2014, new characters and armor for the Thieves Guild have been released from the Falskaar DLC pack; these characters are as follows:







Celestial Dragonborn, the Celestial Dragonborn DLC and the “Falskaar” DLC.


The Champion of Cyrodiil

Black Mage

Cobalt Ebonheart



Falkreath Hold

Falkreath Guard

Falkreath Warrior

Falkreath Warrior-Archer

Falmer Lord – Daedric Prince – Dremora Lord

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