How do you do flapper girls hair? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dresses Videos

Well I had to get a nice braided ponytail in the summer. I’ve cut it with scissors since then and now it’s a bit more natural. I do a braided version of the ponytail, a flat version so I don’t clip in the middle. It just comes out much softer, more natural and just so much more fun. I really like to do the braiding because it makes the hair look fuller! [My mom] loves my hairstyle and I really feel like she’s proud of it.

And your dad does the cut?

He does the braiding, although I did it all by hand, so it’s a little more labor intensive. [my mom] will do the first braiding when I’m just about 8 or 9. She gets all sweaty and starts screaming at me, which she does every single day. It’s a good habit to get into since your hair gets so tangled. When she’s angry she cries on my hair, so I love it.

Are you going to be doing any more fashion shows?

Yeah. I did one in Paris recently and I did the runway there. I wore this big floppy hat which I just didn’t know how to do because I’d never worn it before. That was amazing for me. [laughs] The crowd was crazy. I’m thinking of trying to do more of those this summer. They asked me to do the runway for a fashion show at a church recently. I haven’t done it in years but I said, “Do you think I can do it this time?”

Do you have any plans to go back to L.A.?
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It’s a little too crowded. I think that with my work, it’s been so difficult to do. I really can’t do some of the things that I want to do so it’s hard to get in front of them. I wish I had the freedom to explore other things more outside of my comfort zone, but I don’t have the time to do it right now.

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