How do you do flapper girls hair? – Flapper Dress Images

I’m a teacher, and I’ve had to give lessons to girls in the past who were so insecure about their “flappers.” The solution is a hairstyle that is both cool and professional at the same time…the natural flapper look. Here’s what you need.

You will need:

–2 – 2 inch wide and 3- 4 inch long bobby pins (preferably white but you can get black as well)

—2 black or white hair clip (see photo above or go to your local hardware store for a few dozen). Make sure it’s large enough to grab your curls and tight enough to hold on but not be too tight. To give the clip a nice length you could cut one of the ends off and then weave the ends as if you were going to tie them to a post.

–An old comb that is about two inches long. The comb should be flat but have a good comb head so you can twist the comb to make the bob up, as well as the comb to loosen your curls for a neat bob

–A few cotton balls

—Moustache wax in a small spray bottle that isn’t very thick (one ounce equals about a tablespoon). (A lot of moustache waxes come in an even thickness of about two tablespoons.)

–Waxed hairpins. We used a pin wick because when I was a student I had to weave my hair up on these little sticks. We also had to thread the hairpins onto hair pins. So we used these pins which we threaded to the head of the comb (you will know your hair pins are threaded properly because you will see a tiny end of them in the middle of the comb) that we used a few times for the next couple steps. Remember that we want to keep our hair loose, not too tight.

–a wig. I use a really cute vintage style wig made in the old fashioned style at the time. I prefer to wear it when I am out and I find it flattering. It’s made of a polyester in a very tight weave and so when I go out I feel like I have a little cape. You will want to cut out a small portion, about 1 to 2 inches on the sides and a small bit or so in the middle. If you use the straight pin method I used make sure it has a small end so the pins are always out.

—Styling iron and a couple of cotton lint

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