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The fashion world can tell that you’re a good student, but when it comes to getting your hair cut, it can be deceiving.

To cut your hair in the most convincing vintage style, we have gathered some tips on how to keep your hair clean as well as a few ideas for your day at the salon.

You’ve got to choose wisely

To get perfect vintage hairstyles, you need to keep your hair the way it was in the 1920s or 1930s. We recommend using a product that has been formulated for the 1930s-to-1940s age group.

If you want to look your best in any outfit (or a number), choose a product that has been made for that vintage cut.

To find out what cuts suit you the best, check out our classic hairstyles tutorial:

We’ve recently posted about the story of one of the more strange attacks against the internet by the FBI in which they appear to seek to identify the operators who control a network on which a group of people share private information and images. The FBI’s actions, which include requesting information about the individual who controls the computer, appears to have resulted in a denial of service attack. I’ll talk about the details of the FBI’s action and some of its implications next week, but the fact that the FBI engaged in such tactics is troubling and deserves more attention.

What does it mean to “know” someone?

In one of his recent speeches, Mark Zuckerberg explained that you can’t know someone unless you’ve met them in person – a sentiment he seems to believe he has demonstrated with his Facebook posts. That sounds good, but in a society that believes that we should be in the dark as to who you know and who you aren’t, it’s not always easy to reach this sort of conclusion.

It’s worth comparing this with another principle: “we don’t know him” – this applies whether we “know” anything about someone’s life or their background or their political views or their habits. If we’re going to make any assessments of people’s lives or theirs, we need to meet someone face to face. This is because the information we give to someone and the things we are interested in are highly personal and often so very hard to say with any level of confidence. We all know someone with whom we are deeply in love – but who else? What about someone who just bought an apartment, for example – does that person know me better than they know me?

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