How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Casual Flapper Dress

If you already went to the trouble of getting a proper shirt, but you haven’t figured out how to get the perfect piece of fabric to hang it off, I don’t think this is for you. The solution I’ve come up with involves sewing the piece of fabric together with another piece of fabric (it’ll be more of a “seam”) with the exact same length. It’s quite simple, and the result is perfect (you can easily see how if you have a little practice). I’ve done this several times on my own, and it really makes all the difference. It makes it look like a skirt, not just a shirt/dress!

I’ve done this in two ways: I have a little sewing machine I like using and I’ve come up with an ingenious “twee seam” you can put your fabric into with a seam ripper.

You’ll need:

Two pieces of fabric, one with a shirt to hang off it and one with another dress to wear under it (you can use the same dress if you like so it doesn’t matter too much which dress you choose)

A seam ripper

To get the dress to lay just right you’ll want to use two pieces of fabric that are the same length, one of the shirt and one the other dress. Start with the shirt, and then take the skirt as in the picture below. The picture below shows how the dress’s seam is going to look. Now you can sew the first piece of fabric into the dress. This is where you’ll sew a “twee seam” on the top.

Using the stitch shown below, go up one piece on the “jog” stitch on your stitch ripper machine, then go down one piece on the seam ripper (you might need a different stitch if you have a few more inches of fabric and want to use it to create more room in the dress). The picture below shows the seam ripper going down the skirt. Take a piece of fabric with the same length as the dress and put a piece of fabric over it.

You will need a piece of the skirt that you want to taper up to the same length as the dress as well. I chose to cut the skirt down in pieces so we can use up all the yarn we have at the moment and cut up two more pieces (this will take up more space in the next step). You will also need to use a piece of fabric and a piece

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