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The women’s revolution led by Betty Friedan in the 1960s, with its rejection of traditional roles and its emphasis on women’s issues, was revolutionary in many ways. As she wrote in her book Sexual Personae, “The sexual liberation revolution and the women’s liberation movement were two sides of the same coin.”

The radical feminist movement changed social and legal norms. And the flappers of the 1920s and 1940s are now remembered mostly for the social problems they faced.

What was the Flapper Movement?

The flapper was a flapper, or a girl with short hair. In Europe, the word flapper was used for a prostitute of mixed race, although in America flappers would often be white.

Flappers were usually young, single girls, who wore their hair in braids and dresses, often in a ponytail or pigtails. Their clothes were usually sheer and a little baggy.

Flappers are sometimes credited with sparking the fashion and music industries and creating jobs from that. They are also believed to have created a new generation of female role models, and for generations to come the story of the flapper remained a part of American popular culture.

Rising gas prices and an upcoming strike by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are behind the move by a New Brunswick company to move its headquarters away from the capital of Fredericton, according to a company vice-president.

Company CMA, which plans to move from London to the Saint John region of B.C., plans to move about 800 staff from its current office on Royal Street in Fredericton across the border into Quebec, spokesman Peter Smith said Tuesday.

“It all goes through the same channels at the end of the day,” Smith said, adding most of the relocation employees will arrive in New Brunswick by the fall as planned.

The company said it expects to keep about half, or at least 500, of the staff in the region and another 500 in the Quebec region.

A spokesperson for the New Brunswick Ministry of Labour would not confirm the source of that information.

“We do not disclose information that is proprietary or confidential,” said spokesman Daniel Lauzon.

The move could have an effect on the province’s budget.

Lauzon said the union representing the roughly 1,000 New Brunswick public servants also wants to see a reduction in its budget.

“We’re the main fiscal driver for government and we have an opportunity to talk with them about

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