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Many flappers are still working women who wanted to do what most of us aspire to do, be a mom. A good percentage of flappers are very supportive of their kids and look like they have the same dream that we have. Another significant trend is that there is a wider range of backgrounds and ethnicities as flappers. We have a range of different skin tones and races as well, so we have not seen the same type of flapper who has a specific color or ethnic background.

How do women in the workforce compare to women in the flapper subculture?

Women in the flapper subculture do not have much more exposure within the female workforce than women of the 1950s. It is easier not to be a part of the workforce in the 1950s because the workforce was more defined by segregation. This is the reason a lot of the people in the 1960’s in the American flapper movement were still able to get a job. I think women have come a long way in the 20th century with all the advancements they have gotten in terms of feminism and equality.

The National Weather Service on Friday downgraded the possibility of severe weather affecting the U.S. West Coast to “mild”. This comes from a “moderation” advisory following a storm that had already hit the West Coast and is now expected to remain at that level for the rest of the week.

In the last couple days, the storm system with which the NWS is currently dealing has been classified as a “mild” precipitation event that should stay relatively unchanged, but a significant and prolonged disturbance is possible along the U.S. West Coast if it remains unchanged in intensity.

The “Moderate” designation means that there seems to be some risk that precipitation could be generated in any place of the U.S. from late evening Thursday evening into late Saturday. This could cause severe weather to develop in the western U.S. at higher elevations, as was the case during a period of severe storms in October.

The possibility of severe weather is reduced to “low,” or a level where an abnormal precipitation event wouldn’t affect the West Coast for one or a handful of days.

The storm system is forecast to remain at a “moderate” rainfall level for the next week, but its intensity could diminish slightly, according to the NWS.

For updates, here’s the latest forecast and updates from the weather service:

A group of students in Texas will soon gather

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