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It is impossible to know. It would be interesting to know the views of the contemporary women dressed as flappers. The flapper was not an ordinary woman – like those who wear trousers, she was a free woman who refused to be bound. For the woman who wears a skirt her skirt is not a hindrance but a means of freedom. Women who wear skirts today can be emancipated. It depends on whether one looks in the right way [if one looks in the right way, a lot of things change – Ed] . . . ” (Women and Revolution, p. 11-12)

There is no way to ascertain the validity of this account of the flapper who was not bound and not “abused” by the man who dressed as woman, nor how many women who wore skirts were “not abused” or oppressed in the same way.

In the United States women wearing skirts in the 1880s were viewed with disgust, although most of the time their skirts did not show skin. It was not until 1912 that laws were passed allowing and encouraging public displays of women in pants. As for the flapper who wore skirts in the 19th Century – I cannot say that I have studied, or even found information on her.

There are a number of other accounts of flappers that I would point out, however, such as these by L.D. Winfrey in her history of women’s rights.

This page shows a picture of a man, but it describes the woman who was never tied. It is a long-time-standing myth – I have never seen a picture showing the woman wearing a skirt or a top, and I am sure that it would make a lot of other women feel uncomfortable too.

But I would like to say a few things about this myth. This one is based on her interpretation of an article in a magazine called the “American Woman.”

As the article itself states, it would not be a woman in a skirt, but a woman who looked as if she was going to be in one. If someone looked as if they were going to be in a skirt, the reader would be offended. But then the same article says this:

Such a person will be viewed by most others as a “man in a dress.”

Some people might think this is a nice way to put out a negative view towards women. Well, it is based upon my own interpretation of the passage and is purely my interpretation.

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