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What colour clothes and accessories did hippies wear? How about black people as a whole? It goes on. A huge number of people—including this author, a historian and the editor of a book on the subject—have taken their analysis of the subject to the next level. Some writers went so far as to claim that most black Americans did not even exist.

In this fascinating book by historian Douglas Massey, he shows that black slavery has in fact been in existence over more than two centuries.

And while slavery may have ended over 200 years ago, it’s a topic still fiercely debated today.

Massey traces slavery from its beginnings in England and France to the present and examines the impact of slavery and other abuses on the descendants of slaves that remains in America, a country which he calls “sheltered by the shadow of its history.”

It’s a book full of stories that will interest anyone interested in American history—but it’s also a wonderful read to understand how black Americans responded to slavery at such an important time.

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This mod adds a large, open space with a variety of rooms in the middle of the island for you to create your character. Many of these rooms have chests inside, as well as furnaces and mines.

This mod is based off of a mod that originally made it to the main Minecraft mod page and I had some problems with that one because the original author left a lot of the room creation and other aspects to the mod, such as adding rooms that are connected to other rooms. That mod has been made by me and I have rerecorded and fixed a lot of issues that I found with it, including the room generation being glitchy and not adding every type of room it should.

As noted above, I left a lot of room generation and other features to the original mod, and they can be removed or edited by mods that are more advanced, but are not required to be used with WIP. This is in no way meant to infringe on or replace his work, but rather to provide a more advanced room creation system and more advanced rooms.

I also plan on adding several new vanilla mods (mostly the ones I already have and the ones I have not tried myself yet) and some new mods as well.

A lot of the rooms are fairly large, including some with over 20 cells, but some are smaller or smaller than that.

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