What color were flapper dresses? – 1920S Flapper Dress Historical Pictures In Color

What color were white pants? We know they’re white because they were white. Not one of them was a deep navy or pinkish purple. Not one of them was a purple. They had a very pale pink, that looked like a deep blue. It was absolutely horrific. To go from this beautiful dress with long dark gray sleeves to this horrible dress with the pink fabric- I mean, this is where they were at that time.

You’re not so keen on those pants. You want to use a darker pink because you think they’re like an eyelash color. You’re saying they’re all wrong because they don’t really have that cool color. But they look absolutely wrong, and the whole point was they were too light.

Did you ever see a flapper girl make a good face?

We used to see a woman sitting down with a bowl of flour and a piece of paper on the side of the table where she would be baking.

What was it like living in a time when you really didn’t know anything?

I lived in Los Angeles in the 80s, it was the wild, wild ’80s. I would go to L.A. Fashion Week every year, there were loads of women there, you could buy anything you wanted, and I knew that everything looked good. I knew that even though their dresses were too big, so they looked silly that their arms were being stretched down and they were looking goofy trying to be glamorous, but I didn’t realize that you could actually feel bad about yourself while wearing that look. Because you didn’t necessarily think, “Oh, I’m gonna look so cool!” It was just like, “Oh, I feel so bad I can’t do that.” It felt totally different than what people were wearing. And that’s something that I really miss, because there were a lot of times just being in that environment where that’s how it was. I used to see the movie The Breakfast Club and everyone looked so smart on a daily basis. You looked totally confident with the clothes, and now you can’t even find a dress in the most fashion stores anymore, because that doesn’t exist.

Was there a dress that was so awful that you wanted to change it?

There were just a handful of dresses that made me go, “This is not what you want me to wear to this show, this is not a dress I want to try that.” There were probably like 40 or 50 that made me

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