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What happened to the colors “blue,” “green,” and “yellow,” used to indicate red, white, and blue. Did they get the green and yellow? Did they just disappear?

When did the colors “orange,” “pink,” and “pink-red” come into their own at the top of the color wheel. Was it between 1900s when oranges were introduced to the United States, or 1920s to 1930s when red and pink became the dominant colors.

What did the American people think of the colors “tangerine,” “orange,” “cyan,” and “teal?” Why were they so popular ?

Were the American public the only “greens” or only the “blue’s” that had a place on the color wheel. Why do you think it took until the 1960s for the color yellow to take over colors like tangerine, orange and purple. Did others “give up” on colors on the wheel, too?

Did the American public understand that the colors used in their everyday lives were of little importance (i.e., when color was irrelevant), and it was what they did that mattered that matters?

In what ways did the color wheel affect the way the general public viewed the country of America (i.e., how they saw themselves in terms of race)?

I think it is fair to assume that the color wheel may have influenced American culture a lot as well as it influenced science and the art world of the time. I think it influenced the way men saw women, the way women viewed men, and the way men and women viewed themselves, as well as how well they did. My hope is to help the public understand the role of color on cultural life on a basic level, and to help bring the colors of American culture back to a position that it should have been in the first place to begin with.

Color of America Timeline

This timeline helps readers understand the history of the color of America as a whole. It starts with the color wheel in 1638, when Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton first created it in 1790, the first color wheel of its kind. In 1790s, the first American flag was created in Washington D.C. The most recent color wheel came into being about 2000 years ago from England. In the early 1800s, Americans realized that the colors of America did not really have anything to do with their own cultural identity. It is much easier to separate colors that

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