What colors were popular 1920s?

White (1 out of 2) and blue (1 out of 2).

2040s were almost colorless

Colorful colors started showing up. These colors made me wonder: If the “modern world” was so great, why then didn’t our ancestors wear the colors of the ancient world?
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2050s are still a mystery. I suspect that maybe it’s as much a matter of time as color (i.e. time to wear an outfit that is colorless, or more appropriate to the time). I don’t think the time to begin wearing colorless clothes would be when one was born. In any case, in the time in between 1850 and the 1970s, colors changed dramatically and many things no longer looked the same in color as they did in the mid 20th century. In my opinion, you should start looking for an outfit that will blend more easily with the rest of the outfit. I say “look”, because I like to look for colors that complement the outfit and not try to wear something that looks the same just because it is a modern color.

2060s? Probably too early to be interested in color. However, it is obvious that everything is more saturated as the 2060s begin in earnest, so it’s just common sense that something should blend in. If you think these colors look great, then you probably should start looking for an outfit that looks like what you want.

As these decades pass, you no longer want to look for color. You don’t even want to be a designer. It’s time to find something that you will wear!

Why? Well, for starters, there is no doubt that there are more colors available now than in the 2060s. You can find colorful items (e.g. sunglasses) in almost every color imaginable. However, the vast majority of colors (and shades) are a very conservative choice. And of course, the price is also much lower. If you want to wear something and you know this will be your only color that looks nice on you, then it’s cheaper to wear something white instead of blue. However, if you know your clothes will fade so badly that you will need something to blend in with, then you can find something that looks great on you. So I hope that this guide will help give you some ideas for what to wear and what to look for in an outfit.


Now that you have found your color of choice, it’s time to