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The color red topped the 100-count poll with 40.5 percent.

Of all the colors, white, with only 4 percent, ranked last of all the answers. As does yellow with 2 percent and blue with less than 3 percent.

When it comes to politics, it seems like politicians like to play offense. And now they have an opportunity to show off their offensive skills and a new study suggests that voters are pretty good at discerning when campaigns have crossed the line.

For the report, published Thursday in the journal Political Research Quarterly, political scientists asked people whether they voted out of anger, fear or indifference. People were shown images of an angry politician and photos of another woman who either had a less attractive face or a more attractive face, but without the politicians. In these pictures, the politicians’ faces were morphed in different ways, in a so-called “distorted” photo, such that the politicians looked more angry, even though their faces were not.

To determine how politicians might be more offensive, people were asked to judge how offensive the politician’s face looks in the distorted photo relative to the faces of the woman with less attractive face, a person with less attractive face or an attractive face in the first place. When it came to the more offensive images, people had a stronger reaction than the neutral images were.

And this holds true for Democrats, Republicans and independents, too, the study found.

It might explain how a candidate who is perceived as so controversial or offensive can win in a crowded field of candidates, said study co-author Dr. Michael Fidler, a psychologist at Yale University.

“In order for any politician to be offensive, he or she would have to have done something so egregious and outrageous that they are really being judged by people who really don’t like them,” Fidler said.

“In fact, of the politicians who were rated as offensive, only four were elected,” he continued. “As soon as the politicians show they have a lot of the anger, fear, or indifference characteristics, they have been defeated.”

In fact, people don’t seem to be especially quick to judge the anger, fear or indifference of politicians, but the study shows that they do notice the distorting influence of a politician’s image.

“It is interesting to note that the distorters are seen as offensive, because the distortion of the faces actually results in the identification of the politicians as offensive,” said Fidler.

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