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They represented women who were “free.” In other words, a woman who was “on her own,” who was willing to do whatever she had to do, even if it meant risking life and limb, just to get from A to B.”

What do you think of it? Is it funny? Interesting?

“You mean the American Revolution? No! I mean the flappers.”

On flatteries
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When one of his women corresponded with him in Paris, Charles I began to learn that women were not only interested in Paris; they had a love/hate relationship with the city and it was in part due to their aversion to it. The woman wrote to him on November 29, 1760: “Why, as well they should have been born here; it would have befitted their education. There is never an ugly person in Paris, and yet there is a very few ugly people in France!” Her letter concludes with the comment that if she lived in Paris she would “not be ashamed to wear the flapper’s corset.”

On female soldiers

One morning in September 1688 a woman’s diary reads: “This morning a lady came to the barracks [of Fort Stanwix], who did most service to us in making up the ranks, & made it a very pleasant occasion, as all our fellows were so well taken with her, that they would give a good many kisses and hugs to her, which so much the more encouraged us.” Later, in January 1768, her diary reads: “[The French troops] are so fine a crew of good-natured, hearty, & handsome fellows, and I wish I had a few of them to play at chess with.”

On a female soldier’s favorite poem

One of the women’s correspondents and friends was Miss Elizabeth Wilson, who wrote to Charles I in December of 1762, and asked him if she might write to him an English poem:

This little work of mine, I hope you will let me have it, as it pleases me very much.

I am afraid I cannot express the praise of my friend for her great merit: for it is no uncommon thing to hear such a poet in a tavern, in all her prettiness and beauty. When I was a young girl, she used to say to me ——’Tis not fair, no; it is too fair.’ So I did not doubt that she had not yet seen a woman so handsome, or

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