What did Ladies Wear in the 1920s? – 1920 Flapper Dress Images

Ladies wore a “flair” made of silken material, usually silk or muslin. There were various styles of silk dresses. Some were embellished with embellished lace and embroideries. Other dresses featured simple lace and buttons.

This embroidered silk dress is one of the more interesting pieces included in the exhibition. It was made in the 1920’s, which explains its popularity throughout WW II as a wedding dress. The top and dress sleeves were made of fabric of a different color than the rest of the dress, making it difficult to identify the exact style. The bottom was made of a dark, lustrous material to match the front of the dress or in the case of this particular dress, the dress was embroidered. It would have been pretty difficult to distinguish the embroidery from the silk. The sleeves were also made of fabric of different colors. One style is white, and the other is a deep, dark brown. Both are embroidered with different flowers, but the fabric used was not always the same color. The floral designs were often very vivid, as they would be the ones the bride wore. This silk dress is made of a heavy material. I suspect the silk was woven in huge blocks. I’m not sure if the dress was woven by hand, or if they sewed it from one piece of the fabric to another. The lace was also often very elaborate; this made the dress extremely expensive to purchase. It would have been a stunning dress, but there really was only one of this style available.

The silk gown, pictured above is on display next to a reproduction of the same dress (from 1947). Note the differences in the material. The embroidered flowers are a very subdued, subdued blue, while the fabric of both is a deep brown.

The Ladies Dress of WWI

The Ladies Dining Room Dress, 1920’s

Ladies Dress, 1930’s

Ladies Dress from 1918–1930

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