What did real flappers wear? – Flapper Dress Pattern Mccalls 6954

You probably know a story, even if you don’t recall it, about flappers wearing a blue dress. It’s not really a flapper story — that’s just how it started. But the myth was that if you put a blue dress on a flapper they would show off to the world.
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The original story was that Flappers wore blue dresses that looked like a sailor suit. They came from the back seas by the thousands to America in the 1920s. The blue dress gave them the illusion of power and elegance.

Today, there is no evidence that they ever wore blue dresses. Instead, we know that flappers used to wear colorful outfits that included hats, scarves, bows and tails, even colorful dresses, or “blues”, that looked like sailor suits.

They were actually so fashionable, and often flamboyant, that people were often outraged when they didn’t like what the flapper was telling them, but they took it anyway.

In other words, flapping was the first sport.

So to sum up, flappers were a fashion form in 20th Century America. They got there by being flamboyant.

If you’re a flapper and haven’t yet had enough inspiration, you can read about the history of sportswear in a book called “Mystery School: The History of American Women Sportswear” by Helen H. Haggerty and Richard A. Stauffer, which won the American Institute of Sportswear Society Sports of the Year Award in 1990. If you want more from sportswear, learn about the history of women in sports and women’s clothing and accessories from the pages of Discover Magazine

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