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The white pants and bow tie made these “flappers look dashing.” The style was a little more conservative than many people think!

So if you are wondering just what the heck a white-pant-and-bow-tie look meant to early 19th century flappers who were looking to get the look of a “proper man” or “proper woman”, it might lead you to the next page!

A white-pant-and-bow-tie, or as we know that name, the “proper flapper” style, was fashionable during the early 19th century with a more practical side to it. Not only had white pants and bow ties helped women get a good hold on their husbands’ pocketbooks, but it was also trendy for men to wear white pant pants and bow ties for a more professional appearance.

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The U.S. healthcare system is a complex one that requires years of training for nurses to keep up, an international study has found. But the NHS – one of the wealthiest in the world – is failing those young people it is meant to help.

Women wearing uniforms walk on a pavement between health centres for the “Women’s Health Week” at Hove in southern England November 4, 2016. REUTERS/Neil Hall
1920s Black Flapper Dress - Art Deco Dress

More than half of nurses were aged over 50, and a quarter were in their late 20s, with the majority on average 12 years into their careers.

The study, to be published on Friday in the journal PLOS ONE, followed more than 4,000 nurses between 1998 and 2011. It found young nurses in nursing posts were more likely to work in hospitals than the rest of the health-care workforce.

“We can’t just expect our young nurses to be able to keep up with the latest advances in healthcare and keep up a good standard of work,” said senior researcher Dr David Moller, from University College London (UCL).

“The health system is a complex one, and the nurses need to have a broad and deep understanding of how it works, but also the patience to be able to work with such a variety of patients.”

While older health workers have the option of becoming medical students, the majority of nurses who went through a training course went on to become nurses themselves, the study found.

Only 1 percent of the training courses were completed by students over 40, and fewer women than men completed them. Some 42 percent of courses

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