What did the flapper girl represent? – 1920S Flapper Dress Long Sleeve

No one could have predicted that the female flapper would become such a symbol of liberation and freedom – to stand for feminism, to challenge traditional morality, and to proclaim that they are a woman. To go forth naked, unaided by a man; to dance, singing and performing.

In the West we have been taught to expect the female to be a passive role model and a damsel in distress. There is something incredibly appealing about a woman that is so completely subservient, so completely dependent upon the man to carry her. It is this lack of agency, this vulnerability, that makes a woman feel so great.

But the truth is that the women in the Flapper Girl films weren’t like this. To this day, they continue to defy the stereotypes that we have been taught about the modern woman.

To give you a clear idea of the role of the female flapper here are just some of these modern day women. They are the women of the 80’s:

• “Tearful,” “bruised,” “scarred” and “naked”

• “Fashionably”

• “Pregnant,” “wearing a baby seat,” “having her legs taped off,”

• “She’s a real hard worker,” “I can’t believe someone would do this to such a fine woman,”

• “Her hair is frizzy,” “so she looks young to me,”

• “I hope I don’t look like her,” “It’s like a costume. It’s like a costume,”

• “I used to wear this when I was working in fashion magazines,” and more!

So, if the girl in the film is the female flapper, she was no flapper. Or she was a woman that was very different from the ones that went before her. And now – now as women of today, and all over the world – there are millions of these “female flappers.”

As with all the men who have worked so hard, and created the image of the modern woman. Their work has inspired and encouraged a generation of women of today – and all that they have achieved in life and the world – has been achieved not by looking back on the past, but by taking it to heart and turning it into the future.

There are female flappers that are walking the streets, showing that they can have their very own style without the shackles of societal norms and

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