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Is there anything in her past that she didn’t tell her readers? Why, she was wearing a red sari of course!

So now, let’s consider a woman in her twenties who was married but had not lived in a marriage for two years: “She had never been married!” Yes, even though this woman had not been married for two years, she didn’t get to tell her readers as much, because she never did anything. And the woman in this story, she didn’t let the readers, or the reader at large know, that this woman was married for two years. This isn’t only true on the basis of the plot, no matter how hard feminists try to convince us that, at best, this woman was caught in some moral trap, and at worst, did it for revenge. What it is true of, on every single other level is true of this story, and this woman, even if she had not married in two years, never told the reader a great many things about herself. So, yes, she got to claim that she had never been married. It had always been written that she was married; that it was always her fault.

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So you see, while feminists attempt to prove that everything is her fault, they don’t show that anyone else is responsible for her having been with that man. They don’t show that even though she didn’t tell her readers this because she didn’t want to have to explain her previous life choices—because she didn’t want anyone to understand how much she had changed in such a short period of time—she still used the same excuse to explain this husband, if anything, she used it just the same. The same excuse that she used to explain her mother. And by that, I mean, all she did was talk about changing and she didn’t make any effort to actually prove to the world that she had changed. Her husband was never going to do a thing to make her change.

No, if you want to blame feminism, blame the women who didn’t tell themselves they were having sex because of their husband/father. These women don’t need any other explanation. After all, the reason why we’re in the first place is because of women like them. It seems that if I’m not having sex while I work or I quit a job so I can stay home with my kids, I must be sexist, or some such nonsense, and it’s going to be hard for me to explain my own situation without having to make

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