What did they wear in the 20s? – High End Flapper Dresses

Hair and makeup are what most people used to wear.

What about in the late 20s?

Dresses, hats, makeup.

This is the best way to answer that question: hair and makeup.

But at different eras the fashion in which one lived is irrelevant. There are too many styles, styles and things to discuss. There is too much music, too much art for me to consider. The same goes for what people wore when they started making a living in a given business.

In my first job I was in a grocery store and there was a huge department store across the street.

People wearing makeup then?

No, it was mostly for decoration.

Why do you say that?

They bought little plastic pots with little holes in the bottom. If you stepped into the kitchen at either end of the store you saw people cooking. They were all in black and white. It was like the 1930s and they were on one of the corners cooking with the lid down (laughs).

Was anything different then, in the beauty industry, then?

As far as how they treated women, they treat women exactly how they treat women in most businesses. Their attitude was not that much different but rather that they were used to a certain lifestyle, a certain style, and they used that to their advantage.

So when is their perspective change or how did they change over the years? Is it one or the other?

They were looking for a new business. When a woman came into the store wanting to work the cash register they would say it was for a girl that had just gotten married, or one of many other things.

Was there anything specific that happened in the beginning that changed things?

It is not like I remember. It is not like I am remembering it because a certain person said something. I think it was in the ’50s for example that the women that I was working with got into cosmetics.

Were they only white?

No, they weren’t; it was colored. It was a whole different world than it is now. It was very different than the way it is.

The color of makeup depended on the brand, the shade of hair, the color of makeup, the color of make-up, the color of clothes, it was everything.

Did color matter more back then?


Was it in a positive way?

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