What is a flapper girl? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dresses Videos

You may be thinking but maybe not, I don’t really know! I know what I think and I really understand the concept. (laughs) Now then, what is a flapper girl? Well, she is a short, plump, short girl from the Philippines who gets lots of flak for her hairstyle and her outfit and the way she dresses and everything.

This girl is pretty short, not too big, and not too fat because that would be too sexy. And she wears bright colors. The thing about these girls are just that they come from a family where the mother really loves them and wants them to be happy. A lot of mothers in the Philippines love their daughters and not only do they love them but really want them to be happy too.

I know that I, like many girls, have grown up with this sense that if I don’t wear this or this or something else, then the whole family is gonna get hurt. So I never really realized that I really had the freedom to dress and the freedom to have my hair, and my body and my skin how I see fit. I like to wear clothing just like how other girls do. (laughs)

I just want people around me to love me and want me to be happy and happy-looking, but that is just something I live with everyday. I just want people to like me, and that is how it is. I try to think about how I look at the world and who it suits me and who I am for it, and that is how it is.

I think of myself as pretty much what I see. I’m just happy, happy people (laughs)

Interviewer: Well we will talk about that in a minute. First, I want to ask what about your day is like.

Lang: Well, to be honest, I’m a very lazy lady. I’m very active, and all the time, I just wake up, go to work, hang out with my friends, watch TV, play with my kids, and then I’ll be right back at it. Or I might do yoga or take a nap or something. I don’t really have a morning routine though. I think it’s good to try to do something when you wake up.

Interviewer: Why do you have kids?

Lang: I have two kids, and they both have a lot to contribute. I do the children’s daycare thing, and I have other kids

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