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This is a Gatsby-themed theme, so don’t expect anything to be out of the ordinary, and don’t ask for a theme that is actually like any of the other themes we offer.

However, this is a theme that goes back to the basics of Gatsby, and that’s where you can find the inspiration for the original character he embodies!

A Brief History of Gatsby

Gatsby was one of the first novels Gaiman had written, after he had become obsessed with reading Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea after reading a book by Stephen King.

There’s a lot of mythology about Gatsby that surrounds him, from the fact he was known as Gatsby the Gatsby after it appeared in his magazine (Gatsby-Penny) and has been compared to other famous people such as The Beatles and Walt Disney, to Gatsby’s love for a certain kind of French wine and how the name Gatsby is derived from the word for green.

Gatsby’s Life

Gatsby’s life was an interesting one, but it’s the story he tells us that’s really interesting.

When he was 19-years-old, he was the owner of a restaurant in San Francisco that was closed due to his failing health. So he would drive to a San Francisco bar with friends in order to avoid work and the fear of the bar.

Despite this, he still ended up on the Forbes 400 List a few years after.

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Gatsby grew up in a rather unconventional family, in a time when the Gatsbys did not live in the same house, but kept the same name for their home. This is because his father was an officer in the Navy, but his mother was a seamstress.

Gatsby grew up with his mother and younger brother, Billy. When Billy went off to college to become an aviation mechanic and did not return home, he adopted the name Gatsby-Hogan from Billy’s parents, and this was adopted by his younger brother, Mark.

A Gatsby Wedding

In the 1960s, Gatsby married Helen and moved to New York City to begin a new life for himself and for his wife. Unfortunately, in 1964 he discovered that he could not get pregnant at all.

One can assume that Gatsby would have been disappointed that his new status prevented him from being able to

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