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Sydney Water wants to charge for using tap water for swimming lessons, according to the water utility’s new policy that has just been approved by the state’s water regulator.

The policy, which is being rolled out over nine months, will only apply to schools that use taps to supply water for their swimming lessons.

The NSW Government requires water supplies to be recycled, and any use of taps is deemed as a “water use” under regulations made by the government.

In the last year, the state has seen a string of breaches of those regulations but on Friday, NSW Water issued a new policy saying it wants to “ensure water supply meets the needs of all New South Wales residents”.

Sydney Water has already been told that all schools using taps for public swimming lessons would not be able to charge for the service.

A lot of people wonder how to make more juice from juice boxes. Here are some resources that can help you.

How much do you pay for juice boxes? We’ve talked a lot about the economics behind this. (Click here for Part I of the Juice Box Economics series) I’ve actually made many trips to the store with my wife, and we’d always tell her, “I want to buy some juice and buy a few gallons or two of juice, but how much juice do you need?” “Oh, that depends on your size,” she’d reply, because we all have different needs. One of the best answers I’ve got to the question isn’t even “how much juice do you buy”? It’s this:

1 lb of fresh fruit costs $1.28/lb. Your juice box costs $0.99 to make and $0.20 to sell. That means that if you spend $25 on juice, including the cost of shipping, a 25 lb box costs $0.99 to make AND $0.20 to sell.

This gets us right at the “sales figure” for fruit. If you take that same 25 lb box and subtract 25lbs of juice, the figure you get is the actual cost of making and selling the juice.

I’ve heard this question said in stores and at conferences. I’m going to try and clear that up by presenting the numbers based on several sources. I’m assuming that you already have your juice boxes and can calculate the price based on those already.

What do you want to buy?

Before trying to make an informed decision about how much

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