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Is it blue? White? Or both? Why is a flapper ever in a blue dress? What’s the deal with the dress at an A.M. in the summer? Why do you wear red? Why are you wearing that blue dress? What do you do when you come home at night? How are you meeting people? What’s your favorite color? What is your favorite color of flannel?

The short answer is a couple of things. First, I have some experience with the dress code. I was flapper when I was 15. Now I wear a long-sleeved t-shirt every day, a gray sweatpants, and a navy and black plaid skirt to work. It is very hard to wear a dress to work at the office that has two buttons. And you cannot wear a shirt on a long flight. Second, I am very lucky. I have a sister who works in the hotel business. Her dress code is a tuxedo dress. (And yes, we go crazy about being able to wear that. It makes a difference when you come to work.)

But really, the short answer is “it depends” and “you have to do some research.” As my sister told me, “This is a big deal. There are lots of rules. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Some things just don’t fit and some you can’t wear at the office because it’s too busy. You can’t wear anything with a tie. It’s impossible to put something over your eyes while in the airplane.” A lot of the dress code is hard about what you can wear at the office. When I was flapper in high school, I had to think about that and think about the way to look nice. There are a bunch of rules around who you can wear at work but there are also rules about the colors you wear. You can wear anything you like. And don’t put anything in your eye.

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Also, there are rules about who you can’t say “hi” to, or who you can’t wear a “tote bag,” which is all I wear when I go out to lunch. There are rules about how long you have to stand around when you get there.

And of course, there are rules about what you can wear on the phone. (Note, the phone is always in my hand and never out.) The rules about what you can wear can get quite confusing, since you can wear so much. The rules about

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