What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Roaring 20S Sequin Dress

The first name on the list, of course: Vans.

For their summer season, Vans has gone with a pretty-girl look, featuring the girls’ favorite color — pink — but in a less revealing, more flattering design.

And it’s not just about style:

The company is highlighting the flappers’ love of the color pink, as well as the trend — specifically, the popular color pink is a perfect pairing for Vans shoes.

The company says that while it’s easy to say that pink means “flower,” it can also mean, simply, a cool-looking outfit—which is exactly what Vans has done here:

A week after it was revealed that President Donald Trump was in the process of assembling a sweeping executive order to undo the Obama administration’s climate policy, Republicans were quick to offer a response to the news — namely, that it would make it easier for people to move in and out the United States.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and another of Trump’s top immigration advisers, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), argued that the order would make it easier to move large groups of undocumented immigrants around, arguing that “it will make it easier for illegal aliens to get here,” The Hill reported.

“What it will do is it will allow more people to take advantage of the law,” Graham told Fox News on Sunday. “It will reduce the number of people here who are here illegally and have no hope of ever coming back.”

“I’m going to say this straight up,” the South Carolina lawmaker added: “A whole bunch of illegal aliens are going to come back into the country and have kids to do our jobs for us.”

“They are going to be here working so we can give people a chance,” he added. “It is going to make it easier than it is now.”

The South Florida lawmaker, like Graham and Ros-Lehtinen, had previously said that people who had been living in the United States illegally would be allowed to stay, if given new IDs showing they were legal residents who were not otherwise

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