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The flapper dress was not always the same, or very many years older than the women depicted in this photo. According to the history of the Flapper Dress, the first flapper dresses are from the early nineteenth century and it’s believed that the first ones were worn by women between the ages of twenty and thirty-five at about the height of New York City’s fashion cycle. Because these early pieces have no bust and are very high-cut, most people thought they were flappers, because they were worn for dancing, and it was also believed that dancing women of that era would wear them for their dresses — a trend that still persists in today.

Does this photo seem to be from around 1855?

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I don’t know the exact year that is seen in all the photographs, but I believe that it’s from the 1860s. This particular dress was very distinctive for it’s day, and it would have been worn by a very high-society group of flapper dress ladies. However, in the 1970s, many people still believed in the dress’s history as being older than the women depicted in the photograph. I don’t see many images of them still wearing their dresses, even though they had already long been seen as older.

Do these flapper dresses look like today’s ones?

Yes, the ones in this shot are really quite similar in appearance. They have the same shape (flat hem at the bottom) and are more high-cut. Additionally, some have no bust, which means that the waist could be a lot smaller. They have the same basic style — a full bodice (with bust darts) and a low neckline. Even if you compare them in the late 1870s with dresses from the 1860s, some will look very similar. However, the 1870s-20s dresses are usually more worn by less fashionable and more modestly dressed women, whereas the late 20th Century flapper dresses are usually more fashionable women.

Can I make one out of your original image?

Sorry to tell you, but there is no need to make one out of any of my original images. I did make one out of one of my original images in 2004 from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York. However, my original image was a flat hemmed dress, which is very different from the most popular style today. I did the images for the collection so that they may be enjoyed not only by the public, but also,

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