Whats a flapper in a toilet? – Unique Vintage Navy Hemingway Flapper Dress

“When I am flapper in a pee hole is not the same place as when I am flapper in a toilet in a bar!”

“Is it a flapper if you drink from a urinal bowl?”

And the list goes on, and on.

What is it that you believe is so outrageous, so outrageous, so outrageous that you are forced to go off the deep end and say it? What does it consist of? Your belief that if you had to have sex that you’d have to have a threesome, and that this is only a matter of opinion, a matter of the most casual of encounters, a matter of one who has a different opinion of what exactly constitutes an ‘ideal’ situation, what about the other one who is the victim of violence and rape?

Is this the kind of thing that’s allowed in the workplace?

Yes it is. Why? Because people would want to know. If you think it’s OK, go to the pub, get a bit more sexual, have a smoke…but it’s not OK if this is the result. And if you think the answer to your problem is a ‘no,’ that’s a big no.

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“This is not ‘sex’ as we know it. That is, I will not have sex with you if this is the answer to a problem. This is ‘sex’ as we may all wish to call it in a more polite way. But what we know, ‘sex’ does mean this: a man gets into bed with his wife. And this happens for a variety of reasons. Many of them are obvious: he wants to get down on his hands and knees with her, she wants to join him, he likes the closeness of it. But there is also a deeper reason. He wants to feel as if he is a big piece of meat in her pussy…and that he is able to make her feel like that… And that he is able to do what he wants to and to do so with conviction, a certain dignity. And then there is a third reason: he wants it so many times that he just takes it for granted that it will never be stopped. The man has taken an assumption for granted.

Do I have a problem if the man I sleep with thinks sex in the toilet is a great idea, or that maybe there is no such thing as ‘no’? Of course. Because that’s how you’re going to get your dick in

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