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Flappers are known for the following.

Flippant remarks and insults toward others.

Showing their disdain for others.

Not respecting boundaries or authority

Telling them they are wrong or not worth listening to.

Do these things to me or will you?

We’re in the midst of a world changing in front of our eyes. We all have the ability to determine this happening. This is how we make decisions ourselves. We need to remember that. What we do to others is our responsibility. As you will see later in this post. As you can see by looking at the people you know. Are they flapping their ways to the point where they are getting on their knees or are they just sitting on their front lawn? No one is perfect.

The best way we can help each other is to respect each other. We need to stop judging each other. We need to not have an opinion on other people and instead try to understand why they are who they are.

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A former director-general of London’s top police agency has told Ofcom that the Metropolitan Police is a “dying institution”.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the former head of Scotland Yard since 1993, was responding to comments by the home secretary Theresa May earlier this month in which she said new rules to combat online crime would make the police “a bit irrelevant”.

In an interview with the National Crime Agency radio programme, Hogan-Howe said that while he had worked for and admired the Met for more than 50 years, “its time has passed”.

“If you look back along the line, if you listen to the stories of all of the great figures throughout the history of policing. If you look down in the history of policing in London for the last few years, there really have not been that many of those people,” he said.

“The Met has a very, very small workforce in England and Wales. There isn’t a lot that they can do to protect people from online crime. I think it has become a dying institution in recent times.”

Since 2011, police forces are obliged to set out whether their own online activities pose a real or substantial risk to personal safety.

The rule covers all online accounts, including mobile phones, social media accounts, web sites, blogs

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