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It is the oldest style of formal dress that can be worn in Europe.

It is sometimes called the French “cloak”.

The origin of the French flapper dress is unknown but the clothing style is known to have been influenced by French soldiers at war.

The flapper dress was popular from a few years before World War One until 1919, when a revolution overthrew the monarchy.

Flirting with the ladies before going out

When to wear the flapper dress

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The New York Times just ran a piece called “How To Get Into College.” For those who have no idea what all this means, I encourage you to read the Times piece. It says more about why I think the university has overvalued education than I could even fit into the blurb of this blog post. So we have some new, non-negotiable facts.

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Let’s first get the headline out of the way. The U.S. has had a very poor quality of education for the last century. And to many young people, this matters. I’m a grad student, but my parents were schooled in a time when only a certain type of person went to college. This was an era in which women were often confined to a lower-middle tier, and people of different social classes could not be friends. But I think a lot of young people care less about whether they went to college

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