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This week’s issue of Famitsu has a brand-new interview with Dragon Quest X director Yosuke Saito, detailing the game’s character design and story.

The interview with Saito covers several parts, including character roles, the battle system, and more. The key points, he reveals, are:

Each of the eight classes have a “type” (for example: Warrior, Summoner, Mage)

All characters have their own “class” level

The game features three “reincarnations” of a single protagonist

A story that will follow the protagonist is in the works

Dragon Quest X has already been available in Japan through a PlayStation VR demo. Check out the full interview below!

– It seems a major feature is the storyline involving the three reincarnations of the protagonist?

He’s a boy; they have a young girl in them [reincarnations] too.

– In other words, if you play as the “younger” protagonist, will you also experience the story involving the “older” protagonist?

There’s a lot of people who would say that way, but it’s not the case.

The game will follow the protagonist who is between different characters.

– If we talk about the class in Dragon Quest 8, who was most likely the “class” you’re most related to?

I think it’s Dragon Knight with Magician! But, if you look at the design specs, I guess there might be characters with the type Fighter, so when the character you’re associated to dies, you might go back to the previous class. Maybe you won’t know what you’ll get.

The person you’re associated with will also die; the person in your team will then be the one with whom you’ll spend the most time in battle. The person with whom you’ll meet the other characters will be the person who will have a stronger affect on the story, and the ones who may die. But, we’re going to change the class system so that everyone will have a good influence on the story.

– When doing so, does that mean that the protagonist will no longer be the person whom the other characters go to for advice?

We’re changing the situation: now, everyone will know what will happen to each character, and you’re not going to be able to get advice from them in the same way. In the current situation, we’re just not

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