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In 1910, the flapper was introduced to the English fashion scene at an English fashion show in London. At the time, flappers wore only long dresses with a corset or high necklines. The dress was popular in France, where it became known as the chiffon, and the term “Flapper” itself came from the French “Chiffon” and then the American “Flapper”. Later flapper dresses continued to use corsets in their styles.

During the 1920s, a wide variety of designs began appearing in the public eye. One of the more popular styles was the “Corset”, which was also called the “Bodice”, the “Gown”, and the “Bridal Gown” by their proponents as a sign of their sophistication. Most of the “corsets” which were popular at the time used either the strapless style or were long sleeved, which became popular with women who were often found “in the closet” wearing the same style night after night. Also during this time, some women preferred dresses that were made out of “stiff” pieces of material (sock, blanket, etc.) rather than strapless dressy.

The popular flapper style was the last major style to be invented in England and not the first. During the latter part of the 19th century, women, mainly from the upper-class, began flocking to London. Although very similar in shape to the flapper dress, this style had a more relaxed, flirty appearance. The “flapper” was popular because of her dress, although she was still considered to be a lady for the moment and was also often a model in London. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, there was the idea that the flapper would become a fashion icon and a popular choice for women of the night after the first successful flappers of the 20th century. The most famous examples of female flappers that took the place of the first American models were those of actress Elizabeth Austin (1902-1905) and the “Bridal Gown” of actress Alice Faye (1908-1910).

Flamingos in America and the American Flapper Dress

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