Who made the flapper dress? – Rose Gold Flapper Dress

“That came from a designer in Boston and I have no idea why. It is called the ‘flapper dress’ because people in the 1920s and 1930s wore dresses like that.” (See photo of “American Flapper Style” dress, the best-picture winning dress worn by Marilyn Monroe.)

Can you imagine a girl in that dress without makeup?

“I don’t think so because most girls who have that type of makeup are not well-groomed. They wear it only for the special occasion.”

Can you imagine you were the type of person who would try to change your own body?

“I don’t think so, since I don’t think about it, even though I think about it. I have never even thought about trying to change my own gender. I like being a girl and I’m not like all the girls.”

What is your view on the subject of transgender people?

“Well, first of all, people have the right to be who they are. They just have to go ahead and be themselves.”

Are you an “L-gendered” person and did you always feel that way and did you change that?

“I’ve always been ‘L’gendered. That’s how I wanted to be called, and it had nothing to do with my gender. I wanted to be called ‘L’gendered and I chose to be so because I thought it was a masculine name” — even before going through puberty, she says.

Are you sure that you have always felt that way since you were a girl?


Have you been with someone who was trans and do they make you feel much differently?

“Absolutely. I’ve known a lot of trans people and they made me feel so much better knowing that I would be treated just like anyone else — but also being able to do something useful to help others.”

What has your relationship with your dad been like? Have you ever cried with him or him cried with you?

“When we were younger, I didn’t have a relationship with my father so I used to worry about what kind of relationship we would have because he was always so supportive of me when I was younger. But now I have a better relationship with him because I was able to learn how to manage my feelings.”

What was your best Christmas gift?

“My mother gave me a little card with a picture of a pink

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