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It was a flapper dress — the dress that was originally worn by a very popular ballerina at the Ballet School of New York. The dress was made by a flapper and it became known as “The Flapper Dress” or “The Flapper’s Doll.” Flappers had been dancing the flapper way since the late 19th century.

Do you remember what age you were?

At the age of 9, I was able to get into a ballet school.

At the age of 10, I saw “The Nutcracker” and said “I want to be a flapper!”

How long have you been flapper?

I first wore dresses in junior high. We went in to the dance rehearsal on September 11th, 2001. We were there as part of the first unit. One of the instructors said, “I just want you to know how lucky we are that you’re still here. What is going on? Do you have any clothes on?” I got in the suit and then the flapper dress and all those things. It was my first costume.

What is your favorite ballet role?

The part that I loved the most was Miss Sveika, but I would probably put myself in the shoes of Olga Fedorova.

Why is Miss Sveika so important to you?

One of the reasons why I love her is that she is the only woman in the story. They’ve got a lot of other women — the boys don’t want to see men do anything but dance. And they’re the only ones who do something physical. Sveika is the one who makes the dance exciting for the boys, and she does it very well. That’s my favorite part.

What makes Miss Sveika special?

There’s a lot of people like her in the Ballet School: the very very good dancers, the more talented students like Zuleikha and other students who are pretty. She gets away with it and the boys are just waiting for the next dance to get them. Sveika, it’s a bit more of an exception.

Is there a favorite thing she does that you find exciting?

The thing that I like best about her is her physicality. She’s very agile and her moves are great. She’s very sexy and she dances well.

What is it like to wear Miss Sveika’s costume at the Ballet School

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