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If she knew we were about to get married, she couldn’t have cared less.” The next day, in the late evening, we found the girl in the living room, sitting on her knees, looking up at a full moon. She could not have been more than ten or twelve years old; but at this time we were both in our teens. A short, sweet girl with a lank, dark bob, her light brown hair was a mess from sitting in a bath for so long and her face, which was a mixture of blue and green and red, had turned pink from exhaustion. We had been away from home for a week and a half, and she was very much the same. As we went up the steep steps, she stopped me for a last kiss – for the first time in all that time we had been together. Her lips were still so wet that I had to press my hand to hers and give it the full squeeze of the hand she had used to rub her back. It was the most loving and passionate kiss I had ever felt, and I wanted her to leave with me. We climbed into bed, and we fell asleep on each other’s sheets – one after the other. We awoke in the morning, and went to the bathroom; I had used up all the soap, and she seemed to want to get in bed, but I was too tired. We slept long and well, and the next night we woke up to find her in the bedroom, wearing only her underwear. I was delighted to see her again, at that point, and so were we, and she made no comment. She was always very kind to me. When we got to the office one day, she did all the errands for me while I was away. We came home from the field on the same day, and that night, after taking out the garbage and cleaning the house, we went back to bed. She had not been in this bed, though, since we had first fallen in love, so she was probably in the chair by the fireplace, trying to calm down, while I watched on. At this moment, she started laughing again, at the thought of not coming back. I said to her, “Come on, don’t be afraid.” She came to the bed without waiting for me, and went to sleep. The next day, I had my wedding ring taken – I told her I would give her the ring again for a couple of weeks after we got married because I thought my life would be better

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