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You guessed it – Lady Gilly Cooper.

Lady Gilly Cooper was probably the most glamorous of the Flappers, but what about the others? Let’s look at their life stories, and then we’ll learn why so many people can’t stand them today.

Lady Gilly Cooper

Lady Gilly Cooper was the leader of the Girls and the Band Girls at the famed Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969. She and her team fought for women’s rights at the same moment as the gay and lesbian rights movement and the AIDS epidemic began to affect their community.

Lady Gilly Cooper’s rise to fame was very gradual. She began working at the Stonewall at age 14 (the first ever girls’ night at a Stonewall) when she was only 19. The band started in July 1948. By 1956, Lady Gilly Cooper’s band had played at venues all over the country and had won two Grammys.

At the peak of its success, Gilly Cooper and her team worked tirelessly to bring attention to the struggles of the LGBT community while also promoting their social causes. Lady Gilly Cooper was the first person to call out the Stonewall riots, the Stonewall Uprising, and the March on Washington. She even wrote a letter to President and Mrs. Nixon urging him to take action against the violence.

Lady Gilly Cooper died on January 21, 1970. She was buried at the Stonewall Inn Memorial Park in Greenwich Village; her team won the “Pink Ladies of Dance” award for their work in support of LGBT rights in 1959.

Lady Gilly Cooper was the most popular of the Flapper Ladies, but what about the others? Let’s look at their life stories, and then we’ll learn why so many people can’t stand them today.

Barbara “Madam Pomp” Pritchard

In the early 1960s, Barbara “Madam Pomp” Pritchard was a popular drag queen, singer, teacher, and drag enthusiast from the mid-west. The name Madam Pomp was created because of some of Pritchard’s famous looks from the stage.

After leaving school, Pritchard found success as a social activist. She organized rallies and protested against the Vietnam War. She joined the Women’s Liberation Party and was elected its General Secretary.
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While in the Party, she was involved in many activist actions. Her signature look in 1967 was a long, pink gown with

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