Why are the 1920s called the Roaring Twenties? – Vintage Red Flapper Dress

I know, I had no idea.

The 1920s were the century of the great depression. The stock market tanked, the world was thrown into a Great Depression, and the Depression of the 1930s ended with the Great Depression.


At that point in your childhood, it probably wasn’t the ’30s.

Right. I can’t remember when the first movie was made. I grew up in the 1930s, and I didn’t remember many films, but we had no televisions at the time. I also remember what I called the Twenties. My family lived through this period, too, just for less money.

At the end of the ’20s, did you start studying film? Did you ever study at any of the old schools?

No, and I did not do any film school. I started writing stories and pictures in middle school. Because I had friends who were the greats of the day.

Is the movie about the era of the movie business?

It is kind of about the time that I got into the movie business. It’s a comedy, but it’s more political — about the 1930s, where everybody was in this bubble thinking that everyone knew everything and things were gonna be wonderful and that the world was gonna be a better place.

I didn’t even understand that you were talking about the Depression.

That’s what I mean. I guess I was thinking, “Oh, well, it was all right, the world can’t be like this, there’s no Depression.”
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So was that your story for that period?

Yeah, I was. I was right and everybody else was wrong, and I didn’t know how to deal with all of it.

So where did you learn to put yourself in others’ shoes?

When I was growing up in the Depression, I went to the movies and saw movies all the time. The first one I saw was “The Wizard of Oz,” which is, like, six times better than all the other movies that I’ve seen. And I think I still don’t know the title of that one.

How did you meet this girl [Ruthie Young, who played your mother in “The Wolf of Wall Street”]?

She got me into college. And I knew her, I knew the whole back story. She got me into a book club and became a very good friend.

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