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Well, it was made clear to the American people that he was a gay man while he was out there on an assignment. He was just doing what he had been told. That is not exactly what the press was told.

What did the media then do? They were given a few minutes to get up on their high horse, and talk about how this was the definition of evil and the threat to our safety and national security on the world stage, and the media was the first to pick up on it. It is just one more example of how we are living in a world of lies. And we are going to keep doing it until the day we wake up to who is really leading our nation.

One thing is for sure, if we were to choose a name for our next president right now, I would say that one word would be “FALSE” because all people are lying to us in different ways. There are those who are telling lies to us to advance their policies. Those who are telling a bunch of lies to create divisions and make political hay out of us. Those that are trying to bring the world into a war to further their agenda.

I know it sounds like a copout but I am telling you this in order to save the country from a big disaster if it happens. What if our next president isn’t a Republican or Democrat?

There are a lot of other candidates who are not running at this stage that are definitely not going to bring you the same level of support and that are not all that different. A lot of them are going to try to use the fact that they haven’t spent much in the primaries to the detriment of their chances. They are trying to raise money to compete for the vote. There is a lot of money being raised by people who are trying to make a difference.

How can we tell what this election is going to be about?
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It sounds like I am going to be doing this a lot but we are not. It is not just me either. There are a lot of media outlets that are going to be taking us on a walk down memory lane. A lot of people are going to have been affected by it and it will be interesting to see how you respond when you are told your president of the United States will be someone who is a woman, who will be biracial, or a person not born in the United States who will be voting for a candidate who isn’t from your own party.

So this should probably

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