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An Irish tourist was treated to an unbelievable moment when she was taken for what she thought was a routine blood test.

A young woman from Dublin was offered a blood test for tuberculosis by NHS staff after she refused to wear shorts.

When she declined to give up her clothes, a nurse went over to her and suggested using a needle and syringe to draw blood.

Although the nurse was not a doctor and the tests would take three to four years to be carried out, the patient had signed a confidentiality agreement before agreeing to the test.

The young woman, whose father spoke to her in Spanish, was not given any information about the HIV/AIDS test.

Instead, she believed the test was for an infection that would be treated by blood thinners.
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A spokesman for the Department of Health said: “This incident illustrates what happens with confidentiality under the Health & Social Care Act.

“We have a clear obligation to safeguard patient confidentiality, and have the obligation to ensure our staff do not have access to any patient details outside of healthcare.”

The woman was not taken to hospital, but has been contacted by her family to discuss what has happened.

Irish Independent

In the latest iteration of the long and tortuous story of how a U.S. soldier ended up in Iraq, U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. James Ransome pleaded no contest last week to charges of making false statements and aiding the enemy, and is being held behind bars. As we noted earlier, the case has raised more questions than it has answers, starting with the name of the military police officer who first investigated the case and the reasons for that investigation, which were originally classified.

Ransome’s attorney has already asked the Department of Defense to declassify the files on how that investigation was conducted, and if the information in those files is indeed relevant to what happened at Fort Sam Houston. Last month, a new U.S. Army Special Forces officer was sworn

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