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The grants are provided by the government. These grants are also available to non-profits, but you must apply for them on their website to receive any funding. To be eligible to apply to receive these grants, you must be a private sector group or entity and have the legal capacity to take up the grant.

How much do these grants cost? Are grants free for anyone who wants to use them?

The grants are only open to charities and non-profits who meet the eligibility criteria. Non-profits and charities do not have the legal capacity to put these funds where they belong – to other businesses or individuals.

Most grants are $2,000 – $5,000. This is the amount that most businesses will pay back to those that give back to them. Non-profits that pay back a little less do not necessarily agree to be named in the media or have their name published on our website.

If you would like to work with us to set up a grant programme, click on ‘How do I apply?’
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Are grants available in my area?

Yes. For a list of the Grant Council area names visit our Grant Council

For a list of the Grant Council area names visit our Grants

What is a ‘Grant Fund’?

A Grant Fund (sometimes called an Authorised Trust or Authorised Grant Office) is any organisation, which is registered for the purpose of administering or funding a grant scheme. A Grant Fund is not like an unrestricted grant for a grant scheme. It is for a specific purpose, and it is not like an unrestricted grant that can be accessed by anyone without the organisation’s permission. The purpose of a Grant Fund is clearly defined in the terms of the Grant Scheme (or the Grant Agreement, if there is no Grant Scheme).

How do I apply?

Applying for an authorisation to use a grant (such as a grant being made to a single, general purpose, non-profit business) or to take up a grant for the purposes of the Programme is through one of the two methods outlined below:

Through the Grant Council’s website, or

By e-mail to

Who are the Grant Councils?

The Grant Council is the body that oversees all grants. There are five grants councils in Ontario. Grants available in the Ontario area are available through each of the five councils. Find out more about each of the grants councils on our Grants

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