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Yes, however you have to give up something of value. So if you use your gift for a gift, then you can give up anything in exchange. For example, you could buy yourself a good. However, you could not use your gift of money to buy yourself anything of value. This rule allows you to give up anything of value in exchange for something of value. However, this rule does not allow you to give up anything in exchange for something of value that you could have gained from something else.

As we saw in the last update, some other parts of the map could be improved with some tweaks. We just don’t see that happening. The thing is, it would mean more work for us since we would need to re-design the whole map (not just the areas inside an apartment or garage).

The reason for that is the most important one, which might not come as a surprise if you know me: we just don’t have the time. The biggest issue seems to be that the map was designed during our game-development cycle, around the time we were developing “Starry Sky”. We did that in order to create a fun game, as we weren’t going to be able to do so again. So, the map wasn’t completely designed when we did STS. We did it before. And then it got delayed a while and was even completely rebuilt.

So the current plan is to do a lot of work and finish our 3rd-level of it before we consider doing the final iteration. That would mean fixing, re-designing, updating some of the stuff, adding lots of new stuff, cleaning up, making new walls, upgrading old wall sections, making new areas, but not doing any major rework or work on every small thing the entire world could have seen. This time, we would have a proper start to what we are trying to achieve with the game.

We are also considering changing the name of the building which should be “In the city of Davenport” to something more “The City of Davenport”.

A British teenager who suffered from a life-threatening brain injury, who had just been released from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London when he suffered anaphylactic shock, has described his ordeal and being given the ‘magnificent’ nickname ‘Stabby’.
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Sophie Widdowson, 19, was one of two girls at the hospital receiving treatment for the condition after they were both given oxygen by paramedics.

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