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That is the trick – you decide what you want and use it. All of those options are now available to you in the world.

The game should be a lot more diverse and interesting. A lot of changes were made to the game from beta to now. We hope that this will help you to enjoy the new world as much as we enjoyed building it.

Can I play the beta version on Steam with my friends? No, the alpha may only be able to work with 2-4 people. If you want to explore the world and start a guild, that is your choice.

The alpha builds are meant to be used as an initial build only and not as an extended “Beta” build – no full game yet.

Is there a chance I can make one of these? As an independent studio it’s very unlikely.

Can I try the alpha? We invite you all to play this first beta version of the game, and provide your feedback – we might listen. We will be keeping a close eye on the game to make sure that your feedback is used to decide the direction of the game and to make sure all the new features will not affect performance. We would like to encourage everyone to try the beta first, and to share everything that you find interesting.

Thank you for looking at our game!

Here are some of our game design goals…

Playable with as many players as possible.

Easy to learn and difficult to master, with varied gameplay paths.

A world so wide that any player can live there and play the game together.

The world is not limited to only the game master – there will also be an array of interesting and challenging activities where players can try to reach other player’s worlds and explore more secrets.

The player’s world is not limited to the same map. You can travel to more exotic cities, or travel to distant places on the other side of the universe where there might just be alien life to explore.

There will be new worlds added and improved every time a new player starts the server.

The more players the game has, the more exciting new worlds the player can explore – more things to do, more opportunities to discover and more secrets to discover!

The more people play, the more interesting and diverse the world gets – and the more new and unique challenges and activities come up for everyone to take on.

Every player will have unique skill sets and unique play styles –

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