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Do you pay your bills?

Sure do! All the people who do that in the area can attest to that.

I see you have a great blog. My question is: How do I become a paid admin?

You can start blogging on, but it’s a bit tricky. You need to register a domain with Freenode and download and install FF. I recommend doing this on a computer for which there is a .com, .net or .org subdomain. It’s also a good idea to go to or and register a domain for Freenode. If you’re starting a blog or site, I suggest you start with the blog, but if you have more, a paid admin position is much easier to fill than a general blog. If you want a better idea of what it’s like before you do it make sure to join the Free Internet Society! There are plenty of great blogs in there, like the FISD and SCCNF blogs, and of course all of the blogs on

You recently got in Touch with a new FOSS movement. What sort of new movement are you referring to?

The Open Source movement was started by Paul Allen, and is now mostly comprised of people all over the world who work on open source projects. I’m not a big believer in anything which goes on inside a company, or works behind a curtain with a closed source project.

What’s the most common complaint you receive online from people who are new to Linux?

The usual stuff about lack of hardware to run the operating system and general confusion about what the operating system is all about. But, as a result I’ll give you a real quick run through on what the operating system is.

The FOSS movement doesn’t actually have an official motto, but it is often referred to as “Free As In Freedom” which is generally attributed to Martin Luther. There is a Wikipedia article about the history of the “Free As In Freedom” movement, the first entry is the Wikipedia article on the Free Software Foundation. The FSF is the organization behind the GNOME Foundation. The operating system is Linux which is basically everything which anyone needs to run the operating system, except for the installation program and the network drivers.

“The operating system is Free As In Freedom” is an adage which says that no one has

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